LFL Mentee Application – Cohort 1

LFL Mentee Application – Cohort 1

Top 5 Tips to consider before completing your application form

  1. Please carefully consider your answers, ensure the information is accurate and honest. The information you provide will be used to match you with a mentor.
  2. As this is a project with specific measurable impact and outcomes we will arrange a courtesy call with your employer to provide further information about the project and answer any questions they may have.
  3. There is an opportunity for you to attach a recommendation letter written by your employer. Please ensure you download the employer pack to support them with this.
  4. You cannot save and come back to the application at a later time. Please be aware that the application will time out. Therefore we recommend if you require time to complete the application to copy and paste your answers.
  5. Make sure you’ve filled in every section of the application form to the best of your ability. Double check at the end before you hit submit.

Leicester’s Future Leaders is DMU’s ground-breaking project, supported by the Office for Students, that aims to increase the progression of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic graduates into leadership roles in Leicester.

LFL is a project that aims to measure specific impact and outcomes. Therefore, all the questions asked are necessary to be able to effectively measure meaningful and positive change.

In addition, we will need the cooperation of your employer to also to be able to measure the projects specific impact and outcomes.

Any information with an exclamation mark (!) will be shared with your future mentor to help facilitate the partnership.

Please note that this form will time out and not save any changes. We therefore recommend you copy and paste sections that you feel will require more time.

Download Employer Information Pack to share with your employer: Employer-Pack.docx

A) Your Details

If you select 'Other' please type in the space provided

B) Your time at DMU

C) Your Employment Details:

We require salary information to be able to assess increase in earnings overtime as a result of participating in the programme.

As part of the application process your employer will need to consent to you participating in the programme as well as to agreeing to complete a questionnaire. Your employer will need to agree to a meeting via online/telephone with the university to introduce the aims and objectives of the programme and how they can be involved. It will also be an opportunity for your employer to ask any questions they may have.

More about you

Please refer to the programme aims and objective in your answer
*(Please identify top 5 areas of expertise and knowledge you would like to develop. This information will be used to match you).

Every effort will be made to match you up with a Mentor that will be best suited to you based on the information provided above.If,however, you would like to further specify your mentor be from a BAME background or male or female, please tick the box below.

Please note to meet the additional specified requirements this may delay you being matched or may mean you arenot being matched at all if a suitable mentor cannot be found.

YesNoNo preference
BAME Backgound
From the same industry as you.

Note: Please consider a mentor from another industry could be valuable by providing objective outlook. It is estimated the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life according to career change statistics. With an ever-increasing number of career choices, 30% of the workforce will now change careers or jobs every 12 months (source -careers advice online). A role of the mentor is to support you build and develop an index of transferable skills that will aid you throughout you career journey and career changes.

Covid 19 Special Measures

As a result of Covid-19 you may be unable to meet your mentor due to localized government restrictions, being in a high-risk category or do not feel comfortable or safe to meet your mentor in a public space. We expect meetings to be conducted via video call.

E) How did you hear about us?

F) Data Protection

The data you supply on this form will be used as follows:

  • To inform you about mentoring activities and events such as training, group mentoring, workshops
  • To match you to a suitable mentor
  • To notify you of your match, check your progress and ask for feedback
  • To generate meaningful statistics on the uptake of the scheme and use this to inform future delivery and measure the impact of mentoring

Your LFL record will be processed in compliance with current data protection legislation as follows:

Data will be securely stored and updated on an annual basis.

To find out more, please see Data Protection at DMU web page.