DMU Local - COVID 19 - Volunteering

DMU Local -COVID19 - Volunteering

DMU Local Volunteering sign up form - COVID 19. We would encourage anyone thinking about signing up to consider if you are fit and well to do so. Any staff or student who signs up should consider Public Health England's guidance and should be sure they are able to volunteer at this time.
Please tell us your role and department you work in?
Please tell us what your course and year of study?
Please share your email with us
Please share your phone number with us - not essential
We want to find out what skills you have which can support communities at this time? Please consider your skill set and share how you may be able to support at this time. For example: Can you speak another language? Do you hold any other qualifications e.g. Food Hygiene/ School age teaching qualification/ Care Practitioner. Do you have a current Valid DBS certificate? Do you have a valid driving licence and access to a car? Could you offer any support through running online or virtual sessions - e.g. Sports/Exercise or Mindfulness? These are just some examples but we welcome any further skills/talents which you may be able to offer.
Do you have a preferred locality for volunteering. Please specify. DMU Local will do our best to accommodate locality when matching to volunteering opportunities.
Please share when you would be able to volunteer.
Please share if you are planning to volunteer as part of your contracted hours at DMU whilst the university is closed or if you will be volunteering in your spare time (evenings/weekends)
Are you currently caring for another person at the moment?
Have you already signed up to support a COVID 19 volunteer service? If yes, please share further information below so DMU Local can further support you.
As part of volunteering you will be required to:

Safeguarding and Wellbeing of Volunteers

In light of the developing situation we want to keep our volunteers and communities safe. Clear guidance will be provided to all volunteers by volunteering organisations when volunteering commences. If you consider yourself to be in an at-risk group or are well but self-isolating or if your situation changes at any point please inform DMU Local team on: It may be that there are volunteering activities that can be undertaken with limited or no direct contact with others and that would still be gratefully received by those in need.

Next Steps

Thank you for signing up to volunteer, you will receive an email confirmation from the DMU Local team in the coming days.