DMU Graduate Champions

champions300x00.pngDMU is proud of its partnerships with so many key organisations and is continuously seeking to develop and enhance its links with industry.

Graduate Champions is DMU’s latest scheme that looks to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for both organisations and our graduates.

For the organisation this internship scheme offers the opportunity for additional short term support in order to focus on key graduate-level project work.

The graduates are paid by DMU meaning the only resources required from the organisation are the appropriate facilities, equipment and support from staff to induct and supervise the graduate.

The graduates themselves benefit from gaining real world, high quality experience that enhances their CV and boosts their confidence and employability.

Organisations can create a wide range of internships across a variety of disciplines. The emphasis is on the quality of experience and the added value to both the graduate and the host organisation.

Some organisations have been so impressed with our graduates that they have taken them on permanently after the internship has ended. Read about  Compass Group's experience with the scheme .

In order to set up an internship with us through this scheme there is a simple proposal form to complete. Once submitted and then approved, we endeavour to match a graduate with the relevant skills for your internship proposal.

Internships Team

T: +44 (0)116 257 7595

DMU has completed a successful round of internships with many organisations including our partners at Leicester City Football Club and Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

What employers say about DMU Graduate Champions

Janice Heslop, technical manager for Orean Personal Care Ltd, in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, said: “I have not come across a scheme like Graduate Champions before but I think it is a great idea. It is not only helpful for us in the lab, but also for the graduates. It is so important to put theory into practise. It gives them an insight into the real world of work, taking into account the raw materials they have to order and work with, costs, handling of chemicals and using equipment.

“Out in the world it is everyone for themselves and experience is essential. We are always going to take someone on who has experience and a degree compared to someone who has just a degree.”

David Crooks, general manager at Marshall SEAT, said: “I think the admin side from DMU has been really comprehensive and DMU really looks after the students.

“We have found Jas Atwal really, really helpful. She is very willing to learn and gets stuck in. She also doesn’t need much managing so I would say she is a model intern.”

Glenda Terry, practise manager at Castle Park Solicitors, said: “It is the first time we have taken on an intern through DMU Graduate Champions. I think it is mutually beneficial. It is clearly advantageous to the graduates who are gaining real life experience at a legal practise.

“But Zelan is helping us with promotional work and marketing and is covering jobs that may not have been done otherwise or someone would have had to do in addition to their other work.

“It has been great for us and we certainly appreciate it very much.”

Sanjay Bhogaita, of Sporting Edge, one of the UKs leading providers of training for business, sport and education

He said: “We have been impressed with the calibre of students. They are really professional and really hard working. I think DMU Graduate Champions is a great scheme. The  graduates are a valuable asset because they bring a level expertise from their degree that we would not have had otherwise. We want them to apply their knowledge and expertise and help us to grow. We are looking forward to working with the Graduate Champions team in the future.”