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Knowledge Exchange is the process by which two or more entities share knowledge for mutual benefit.

DMU is committed to knowledge exchange, and encourages collaboration between research, academia, business and public society by developing relationships that go beyond 'one translation'.

By creating a dialogue between these communities, knowledge exchange helps research to influence policy and practice.

As a University, our knowledge can help to improve your products and processes, making your organisation more competitive and profitable. Working closely with our leading academics and researchers, we will provide support at the different stages of your project from applying for funding; to project planning and evaluation from our team of highly qualified knowledge exchange experts.

We have a strong track record in delivering Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), with our first ever KTP delivered in 1978.

Since then, we have successfully completed over 110 projects ranging from our partnership with Salter Industrial Measurements Ltd in 1981, to our 100th awarded KTP in 2012 with Curvy Kate, a lingerie design company.

Benefits of a KTP include:

  • Increase revenue through access to new markets and new product development.
  • Drive competitive advantage through accelerated innovation and the possibility of creating Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Improve profits through efficiency gains, increased productivity and better processes.
  • Access expert academic input, to bring a breadth and depth of knowledge to support the associate and the project.
  • Benefit from the consultancy and guidance of a highly experienced Knowledge Transfer Adviser.

“I’d recommend doing a KTP. When you’re running the day-to-day business, you don’t always have the time to explore different areas and ways to grow - having someone who can sit alongside you and work with you to navigate new waters is a really good thing.”

Pawlet Brookes - CEO and Artistic Director, Serendipity

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