Careers and Employability Service Charter


This charter sets out the level of service provided to users of the Careers & Employability Service of De Montfort University. It also shows how users can give feedback on service delivery.

The Careers & Employability Service is a department with the Student and Academic Services Directorate. We are based within the Student Gateway in Gateway House, with satellite offices in each Faculty.

The charter can be accessed on the Careers & Employability Service web site, and in hard copy format at the Careers & Employability Service. It is available in other formats on request.

Our Vision and Aims

DMU’s Careers & Employability Service aims to offer impartial, high quality services to students, graduates, university staff and employers through the provision of careers education, information, advice and guidance relating to the areas of employability development and the graduate labour market. Careers & Employability Service staff are employees of the University but advice and guidance is always impartial and in the best interests of each client.

Our vision is that we will enable our graduates to develop employability skills and attributes, to support bold and ambitious career aspirations.

We will do this by aiming to:

  • 1.Embed career development, employability and enterprise into all stages of the student journey;
  • 2.Develop a reputation amongst employers as an institution that engages and supports the needs of business and enterprise, locally, nationally and internationally;
  • 3.Recognise and further develop DMU as a significant provider of student work-based activity for undergraduates and postgraduates.

What We Do

The primary focus of the Careers & Employability Service is to enhance students’ employability skills and employment outcomes on graduating through the provision of a range of services offered directly to students and graduates, and through support for academics to develop student employability within academic programmes. We provide services to employers who wish to recruit student and graduate employees and get involved in the development of students’ employability in a variety of other ways.

Our Stakeholders

We provide services to the following groups of people and organisations:

  • 1.All students currently studying at DMU;
  • 2.All DMU alumni as a service for life;
  • 3.University academic programme staff;
  • 4.Employers.

What You Can Expect From Us

The Careers & Employability Service aims to offer service users the best quality service possible given the resources at our disposal. We undertake to treat all users with respect, and to listen and provide services that are impartial and objective. Service users can expect an honest appraisal of the degree to which we can help them.

If we are unable to help you when you visit or contact us, we will do the research necessary to provide you with the answers or refer you to another service or agency that can give you more appropriate assistance.

Our Services To Employers

We provide a wide range of support for employers via our DMUWorks Portal

What employers can expect from us:

We can help you recruit and retain the very best employees for your organisation including:

1.Advertise your vacancies free of charge: we can advertise your vacancies on DMU Works free of charge and they can be seen by our pool of more than 100,000 students and graduates.

2.Advertise your student placements and in-company projects: Students are available to undertake a 12-month (sandwich) placement or short summer placement; plus there are professionally accredited courses with integrated work-based learning modules, the duration of which depends on the course.

3.Helping you recruit a short term intern: we run a range of funded internship programmes each year with DMU being one of the leading institutions in the Midlands for delivering student and graduate internships

4.Offer corporate social responsibility opportunities via volunteering: De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) provides opportunities for local charities and social enterprises to advertise for volunteers; whilst the Square Mile programme offers a range of volunteering projects that draw upon academic expertise to work with the community to improve health, education and job prospects in Leicester

5.Offer a full recruitment service to businesses within the LE postcode area: Unitemps gives you access to part-time, casual and temporary agency employees as well as looking to recruit new graduates

6.Advise you about recruiting international students and graduates: we can offer information and advice about a range of visa options for employing international students and graduates

7.Provide opportunities for you to mentor our students: using the skills and knowledge of industry professionals in order to aid the transition from student to successful employee. Mentoring DMU students will bring out the best in you whilst informing the career development of someone else

8.Introduce you to our students and graduates on campus: Promotional campus activities such as careers fairs, presentations, networking events; link you to students on courses relevant to your vacancies

9.Utilise our academic knowledge to help you to improve your products and processes, making your organisation more competitive and profitable via our Knowledge Exchange Partnerships

What we expect from employers using our services:

  • 1.Adhere to our Terms and Conditions
  • 2.Transparency and cooperative discussion if we have queries about the content of job vacancies submitted to us.
  • 3.Accept our decision where we are unable to advertise particular vacancies due to lack of suitability or legal issues.
  • 4.Recruitment agencies and consultancies wanting to advertise particular vacancies with us to provide Careers and Employability with the name of the employer (we will not pass this on to students if preferred).
  • 5.Give us feedback on our services and how we can improve them. We will listen to your feedback and respond accordingly. We will let you know where changes to our service are made following your feedback.

Our Service Standards

Comments, feedback and complaints

1.Feedback on all aspects of the service is collected and analysed at least annually.

2.Any other comments about our services can be made via email to or in writing to the Head of Careers & Employability: Student and Academic Services, Gateway House, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH.

3.If you wish to raise a formal complaint about any aspect of the Careers and Employability Service then please write to the Head of Careers and Employability.